Tila Nguyen - Biography

Although she was born in Singapore, on October 24, 1981, Tila Nguyen is of Vietnamese heritage. Her parents left Vietnam just before Tila was born, and they stayed in Singapore for a couple of years before moving again, this time to Houston, Texas. Once in the Lone Star State, the Nguyens settled into a Buddhist gated community, where Tila and her older sister and brother grew up in a strict, sheltered environment.

Longing to escape the confines of the community, the Nguyen children implored their mother and father to move outside and become integrated in the goings-on of Houston. The Nguyen parents finally acquiesced, and the family moved just as Tila was set to enter school. Whether it was a result of her newfound freedom or not, from grade school onward, Tila was a terror. At first, she was a popular girl who distinguished herself by sticking up for the meek and the weak. But it wasn't long before Tila began associating herself with troublemakers.

Throughout middle school and high school, Tila joined gangs, did drugs, got into fights, and even spent time in juvenile detention centers to get straightened out. Yet her behavior persisted: Desperate to fit in and convinced that her destructive lifestyle was the right path, Tila continuously skipped class to smoke pot and party. She experimented with drugs and with her sexuality, engaging in a few lesbian trysts during her adolescent days.


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