Tila Nguyen - Modeling Career

At age 16, Tila ran off to New York City with only $300 in her pocket. Staying with an old friend, she magnified her dangerous living in the Big Apple, popping ecstacy and staying out at the clubs until midday. When her money ran out, Tila returned to Houston and, ever the conniving one, used a fake ID to get a job as a waitress at a strip club.

Tila's life showed signs of brightening up when, at the age of 18, she was approached by a scout for Play..boy magazine in a mall. He told her that she had just the look that the bunny mag was looking for, but Tila scoffed at his proposal. As scout after scout began calling her home, however, she finally decided to give modeling a go. Money was tight and, at the least, the work would provide a good source of income.

Tila first appeared in Play..boy when she was 19, and from then onwards she was hooked on modeling. Smitten with both the thrill and the cash that the gigs brought in, Tila moved to Hollywood to further her career. She went on to appear in Play..boy five more times, and was the first Asian model to become the magazine's "Cyber Girl of the Month." Tila also was in hot demand at car shows, and did plenty of work for car magazines such as Performance Auto and Sound and Import Tuner.

Tila's career moved to the next level when Nintendo signed her as the spokesmodel for their portable video game system, the Game Boy Advance. With this big contract, Tila transformed herself from troubled drug addict and delinquent to accomplished model. Her bisexual leanings and tomboyish attitude made her all the more alluring to modeling agencies, and work, whether in magazine or calendar shoots, was not hard to come by.

Tila's ambition kept growing, and she set out to establish a website promoting herself. TilasHotSpot.com would see quick growth on the Internet, thanks to the inclusion of racy photos which were accessible to paying members only. In addition to acting as a new source of revenue, Tila's site caught the attention of video game-maker 3DO, who then used her likeness to create a character for its Street Racing Syndicate game.

Tila's modeling work launched her into television, and she appeared on the Play..boy Channel, MTV and as a contestant on VH1's reality series, Surviving Nugent. Her increasing exposure has made Tila all the more adamant about invading the airwaves. She has plans to produce an album featuring her unique mix of glam rock and electronica that she sometimes performs at small venues across the country. The enterprising model also plans to launch a fashion line in the summer of 2005, and currently manages a group of models called the Feisty Felines.


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