5 Tips For Growing Your Social Media

5 Tips For Growing Your Social Media

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In the digital age, having an online presence has proven to have many benefits.

Whether you are looking to promote your product or service, secure partnerships, or simply have a large following, there are tips and tricks that you need to know in order to grow your social media.

From Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or even Facebook. There are specific practices and ideologies that live behind your increasing social media presence.

What Are The Top 5 Ways To Grow Your Social Media?

There are 5 critical aspects that you must understand if you wish to not only grow your social media but also build a solid foundation of engagement.

Provide Value

This should come as no surprise but one of the biggest reasons we follow certain pages on social media is because they are providing value to their audience. Whether that be helpful information, comical content, inspirational, etc.

You must nail down your “value proposition” in how you market yourself on social media. There needs to be a reason why people would follow you. What can you provide to an audience that they would WANT to see?

Post Consistently and Frequently

Social media algorithms LOVE people who post frequently and consistently. Not only does this work in favor of an algorithm point of view, but from a consumer perspective as well. Whether we admit it or not, we live in a consumer-driven world where we are always looking to consume information.

By providing consistent content to your audience you give them something to constantly be viewing. This also keeps you on top of viewers’ minds. Someone sees your post one day, and then the next day they see another, and the next thing you know they give you a follow.

A simple way to organize this is to use a content creator app that allows you to schedule your posts in advance, and even manually post them for you on a timed schedule. This takes the hassle out of your hands of always trying to stay ahead of the curve.

Engage With Your Audience

Whether you are just starting out with 5 followers, or have a solid foundation already built up, engaging with your audience is something that helps you grow an engaged community. Sure you can buy thousands of followers, but getting engaged followers is where you can start to leverage your audience.

Respond to DMs, answer silly comments, and get feedback from your followers on what THEY want to see. This style of marketing ensures that your content is aligned with what your audience is looking for.

Collaborate With Other Similar Pages

Finding competitors or similar pages in your niche is a great way to gain a following. Whether you do shoutouts on each other’s pages, run dual giveaways to your followers, or collaborate on content, this is a sure way to increase your visibility.

Be Different

Last but not least, be different. Nowadays there are thousands of people doing the same thing, and pushing the same content that is played out.

People gravitate to things that are different and unique. That provides a different perspective on a topic they might already know about. This is what will set you apart from the competition and help you ultimately grow your social media presence.


There are plenty of benefits for having a large following on social media. From a personal brand perspective to growing your business, or simply networking, the benefits of having an online process are paramount.

Using the tips above is how I managed to grow my own online service business on Instagram to over 20K+ followers in under 6 months. I was then able to leverage my social media presence and I learned how to write a book with no experience which sold over 200 copies. The possibilities that open up by having a large following are endless. So go out there and get started building your digital presence today!

Luke is a published author, technology strategist, and creator of multiple online businesses working in the SAAS space. Luke writes about the intersection of Ai, software, and tech in relation to business, writing, and creating at LukeLovelady.com.

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