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In the wake of such immense global change and upheaval, it is more important than ever to come together in community and see how we can be of support for each other, leverage our various skills and capabilities, and be of service to those around us. We at Invisible Edge are adapting and stepping up our game to meet your current needs.

In that vein, it was an honor to offer our recent webinar, Leadership During Chaotic Times. We received a huge response, getting feedback that shows how meaningful this conversation is for so many of you right now. It has inspired more ideas on how to utilize our expertise to help give you the tools and knowledge you need to help you lead your teams, families, communities, wherever you feel called to serve right now.

Replay webinars

A hearty thanks to those of you who attended the webinar, and if you weren’t able to make it, here’s your link to the replay. (Feel free to forward this to anyone that you know could use some extra support in building more resources and resilience for their organizations).


Coaching Yourself through a Crisis

Plus, here is a valuable resource on how to coach yourself through a crisis. If you have 30 minutes, this podcast interview has some very effective, somewhat unorthodox but science-backed tips on how to get through challenging times.

Listen Now

As mentioned on the webinar, we are ready to support you and your organization by:

• Leading in Times of Uncertainty
• Boosting Resilience and Impact
• Making Tough Decisions with Confidence
• Managing Remote Teams Effectively
• Uncovering Innovative Solutions

Inquire about our remote coaching, training, and online courses to keep you and your teams connected, supported, and effective at [email protected].

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can help.


Innovation Track Released on Intuition University!

We are thrilled to announce the release of our 400 Series track on Innovation for Leaders and Teams. Learn to use the power of your intuition as a leader to facilitate innovation throughout your organization.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, founder, or small business, Intuition University helps you learn to make better decisions, innovate rapidly, increase traction and sales, and adapt more quickly to changing conditions while you scale.

Intuition University prepares teams and leaders to harness the incredible power of intuitive intelligence to gain an invisible edge over competitors. We live in a world of nearly unlimited data and analytics, yet we are ignoring a deep, inner intelligence that can propel us forward. Intuition University guides learners along the Intuitive Engagement Pathway, from simple awareness to engaged cultivation.

If you feel inspired to learn more about developing your own intuitive skills, check out Intuition University today!

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