Influencer Marketing, an Industry that Reaches a Wider Market

Influencer Marketing, an Industry that Reaches a Wider Market

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At the moment, influencer marketing is an effective way to market products and services. Characteristics para influencers or contentcreators unique is the main attraction and strength in marketing activities so much brands or advertisers who took advantage of this opportunity. Furthermore, the results of the Indonesia Gen-Z Report 2022 research conducted by the IDN Research Institute show that Gen Z in Indonesia places high trust in brands who collaborated with influencers. Lots influencers in Indonesia established brands own and successfully sell using techniques marketing build emotional attachment with para followersas Jerome Polin did with brands menante drink. On the other hand, there are still many ordinary people who do not understand potential influencer marketing for the sake of helping brands in building the Indonesian economy.

To answer this situation, this time IDN Media had the opportunity to talk with ICE Vice President Hana Novitriani, who explained the relevance of influencers marketing to promote products and services as well as ICE measures to support creator economy Indonesia. ICE (Indonesia Creator Economy) itself is a business unit in the IDN Media ecosystem in the form of a creator platform. Previously known as the IDN Creator Network, ICE has collaborated with hundreds brands And influencers in Indonesia.

1. Influencer marketing in the midst of economic uncertainty

Influencer Marketing, an Industry that Reaches a Wider Marketillustrations of various content uploaded on social media. (

As is known, the current global economic conditions are being overshadowed winter one of which was marked by a recession. This situation has an impact on all industries in the world. Under these conditions, a marketers must do efficiency and adaptation to technique marketing used.

Even so, as a technique marketing, influencer marketing still relevant brands to promote its products and services to date. Especially during a pandemic influencer marketing has an upward trend and is considered to have an impact that can be felt directly by brands to increase awareness or even generate sales.

2. Prediction of influencer marketing trends in 2023

Influencer Marketing, an Industry that Reaches a Wider

In 2023, there are three trends that will be popular in the industry influencer marketing. Content live streaming is projected to become a trend marked by the many applications that adapt live streaming into features such as Live Shopee and TikTok Shop. Live streaming considered to have a direct impact on needs brands because during live In progress, prospective buyers can interact directly with sellers and make purchases.

Second, influencer generated content is also predicted to become a trend in 2023. Influencer generated content is a technique used brands by leveraging content from contentcreators for use on various platforms such as flyer, websites, and others. This technique is carried out aiming for cost efficiency.

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Third, marketers also started to be interested in doing market segmentation to more specific markets or what is known as niches by targeting areas outside Jabodetabek. This is done because the Jabodetabek market is quite saturated and requires higher marketing costs due to increasingly fierce advertising competition.

3. Utilization of offline and online marketing to expand marketing reach

Influencer Marketing, an Industry that Reaches a Wider Shevtsova

Changes in people’s content consumption patterns, which are now starting to return to their daily activities offline Of course, it also has an impact on strategy influencer marketing from brands. Hana said that currently, the strategy used is to utilize online campaigns which is balanced with offline campaigns. He also explained that online campaigns still relevant today because of its nature that can reach a wider market more efficiently.

4. ICE as a content creator platform that provides services for brand needs

Influencer Marketing, an Industry that Reaches a Wider MarketIDN Media officially launches ICE (Indonesia Creator Economy). (doc. IDN Media)

As content creator platformto date ICE has more than 8000 contentcreators from various categories ranging from lifestyle, banking, food, fashion, shopping, and others. In addition, every year, ICE has collaborated with more than 3,000 contentcreators. With lots contentcreators existing in the ICE ecosystem, brands can choose contentcreators as needed. To support needs brandsespecially brands large with all the complexity of its needs, ICE provides full service starting from the stage developmentcampaign execution, up to the section reporting post campaigns.

5. ICE Innovation in 2023

Influencer Marketing, an Industry that Reaches a Wider MarketIDN Media officially launches ICE (Indonesia Creator Economy). (doc. IDN Media)

ICE realizes that currently, there are many MSMEs that need it influencer marketing to market their products and services, but have limited costs. Seeing this condition, ICE will soon launch a platform in the form of website in 2023. Via website this, later MSME actors can choose and purchase services ccontent creator according to their needs at an affordable price. With this innovation, ICE is committed to continuing to bring innovation to the industry influencer marketing in Indonesia to help the brands And influencers to collaborate more optimally.

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