Our Invisible Choices Made Visible

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No one is free when others are oppressed.” ~Author Unknown

The recent horrific murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others that have died or been discriminated against for being black over the past 400 years; has us face the hard truths about our society, race, inequality, and our own values ​​right now.

But how can we approach these questions?

Where do we start?

And what does it take to come together, address and heal the root of our divisions that are igniting these important conversations world-wide?

Our Better Selves

Now is an opportunity for listening, self-educating, dialogue, repair and healing. In order to live from our better selves, we need to get into a relationship with our wounded ones first.

How do we learn to be more open, honest, and accept our own fears, doubts and insecurities, which hide underneath all of our judgments? When we are not in a relationship with these aspects of our personality that lurk in the shadows, they tend to play out subconsciously.

One of the aspects of Invisible Edge that inspires me is the dedication of our whole team to engage in these often difficult yet necessary conversations. Part of our intuitive training is listening to: What are the invisible conversations that need to be brought to the light by the leaders and organizations we work with?

What are the difficult conversations that we don’t have that need to come to the surface?

Leaning In

And of course it has to start with me. And while there is A LOT to continue to learn, be educated upon, and blind spots to explore, I am taking this time to get even more curious, more related to, and more inspired to understand the direct and systemic oppression that specifically the black community and people of color have had to endure in the most unjust and heartbreaking way.

I really believe that if we don’t confront and root out the uncomfortable conversations and dysfunctions within each organization, and the parts we each play and contribute, something very important dies.

It’s the human spirit.

We are committed to staying in the conversation and to act in support of cultural and systemic changes to root out the deep causes of inequality and injustice.

We are committed to developing the empathy, intuition, and inclusive decision-making required for leading all of us skillfully, respectfully and humanely into this next era.

Black Lives Matter. We stand in solidarity with the black community.


Rick and the Invisible Edge Team

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