Small business makes a big difference for Swift Current family –

Small business makes a big difference for Swift Current family –

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A six-year-old Swift Current resident was thrown into an unexpected battle a couple of weeks ago, but the community has rallied together to help her fight.

What started as a doctor’s appointment for an anticipated asthma diagnosis and inhaler prescription, ended with a ride from STARS to Saskatoon and a much scarier verdict for Rustyn Paul.

The discovery in late May of a tumor compressing her lung has been allocated to T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, thanks to the attentive care of Dr. Pederson.

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It didn’t take long for someone close to the Paul family to pull the community together for their young fighter.

Taylor Eaton, owner of clothing store Mamas and Mayhem, created a special design that captures Rustyn’s bubbly spirit and launched it as the Rallying for Rustyn line.

rally 4 rustyn

“I own a store downtown in the Professional Building with Ashlyn Paul, we’re a collab-duo,” Eaton said. “We share the space and help each other with all our business-related stuff. We’ve [become close] friends with being business partners and our kids have just gotten really close.

“And their whole worlds have just been flipped upside down. We have a lot of love for the Paul family, and Ashlyn and Kevin do a lot for the community, always giving a hand to everyone who needs it. We’re just trying to give a little bit of help back.”

Folks can order t-shirts or sweaters from the fundraising line, with all proceeds going to the Pauls as they make the temporary move to Saskatoon and navigate caring for Rustyn.

Rallying for Rustyn items are made-to-order, and anyone interested in purchasing can head to the Mamas and Mayhem website here, or pop into the store at 14 Cheadle Street West in the Professional Building.

An e-transfer has also been set up for those who just wished to lend some spare change: [email protected]

Words shared from Ashlyn Paul, owner of Scrubcetera, to social media:

“They don’t prepare you in nursing school for being on this side of the bed. Even though Rustyn is doing extremely well so far we have a long road ahead. Keep giving her your good vibes. We’ll need them for the days to come.

“Sorry cancer, you picked the wrong kid.”

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