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Double standard streaming?

The Canadian Press – | Stories: 423868

At least one Canadian media production association says the country’s new streaming legislation could create a two-tier system where foreign streamers are held to lower standards than Canadian broadcasters.

The Canadian Media Producers Association says Bill C-11, which was passed Thursday, could result in foreign streamers being allowed to use fewer Canadian creators in the production of Canadian programming.

The group representing thousands of companies in the TV, film and digital media business says the CRTC, which has been tasked with enforcing the bill, must address this “flaw” as it works out how to apply the law in coming months.

The law updates the Broadcasting Act to require digital platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and TikTok to contribute and promote Canadian content.

It also puts online streaming platforms under the regulatory authority of the CRTC and establishes penalties for companies that don’t make Canadian content available to users in the country.

Despite its concerns, the media producers group says it’s pleased the bill enshrine’s critical provisions that ensure its members can significantly and equitably benefit from their own stories.

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