The Ultimate Packing List For A Festival!

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Festival season is here and we’re back with our ultimate guide to help you pack to perfection this year! From helping you pick out your festival outfits to those secret hacks that you’ll thank us for later, this is your one stop shop for everything you need to pack. We’re assuming you’re camping here, as that’s when the more detailed planning should come in!

Your Actual Bag

Let’s start with the bags you need to take. You’ll want a small bag that is really easy to carry, like a bum bag, as you can be hands free all day and you can see where all of your belongings are all day. You’ll only really need ID and your card, phone and some hand sanitizers in this little bag, so it doesn’t need to be big.

Then you’ll want a big backpack for the rest of your belongings. The last thing you want is to be pulling a suitcase through thick mud in the fields if the weather is bad, so choose a big backpack and thank us for it later! You could get some packing cubes to go inside your backpack to make sure that everything is easy to access.


Next, let’s talk about outfits. Anything goes at a festival, so you should simply wear something that makes you feel incredible and allows you to express yourself, whether that’s a skirt and a corset top or a flowy maxi dress.

The only tips we have when it comes to clothes is to pack a lightweight jacket for cooler/rainy days, a thick pair of socks and a hoodie for cold nights in the tent, and sensible shoes. You might find a cute pair of sandals that would go with your outfit, but trust us, when they’re caked in mud you will regret your decision. Go with sturdy boots or even better wellies, to keep you dry and comfortable throughout!


For your toiletries, pack everything that you would usually for a holiday, but add some toilet roll, anti bacterial wipes, dry shampoo and a lightweight towel that will be really easy and quick to dry, super important when camping.

These are a bit miscellaneous so we’ll put them in here, but don’t forget your phone charger, a charging port and a reusable water bottle!


Last but not least, you should take some food with you. The food from food vans at festivals is getting better and better, but you do need to take some food with you too. The food vans will likely be a while away from the campsite, so having some snacks will be really handy and it will also save you money. We’d advise taking a portable kettle with a power source so you can make tea and coffee, then easy to carry snacks like pre packaged croissants, crisps, chocolate, some fruit and then anything else you fancy. If you do take the kettle, pot noodles are a great choice!

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