Tips For Marketing An Ecommerce Website

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Ecommerce marketing is slightly different to what you would do for a website. Marketing is essential for your business, especially if you want it to do well in the digital world. Furthermore, there are many different techniques to use for ecommerce marketing but some are more important than others. Here is your guide to marketing an ecommerce website in 2023.

Discount Sales

One thing that many businesses get wrong is that they do not offer discount sales during the months when it is a little quiet. This can also be a problem for those brands that offer too many sales. The last thing you want your brand to become is a brand that is constantly on sale. Additionally, you don’t want to be a brand that customers wait for to go on sale.

A lot of brands will usually go on sale when everybody else does. For example, black Friday sales, January sales, summer sales etc. However, if you don’t follow suit to everybody else and do surprise sales throughout the year, you could thrive from this. We advise that you stick to the occasional season sale like black Friday as this is the time of year everybody looks to buy their Christmas gifts.

Ensure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

There is a high chance the majority of the users visiting your website are mobile users. Therefore, your website must be optimised for mobile users. If it isn’t then it can affect the rankings of your keywords. Additionally, users may leave your website if they find it difficult to navigate around the website or find a product. Mobile optimisation is key for your e-commerce so it must be your number one priority.

Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping is something else that you can offer for your ecommerce website. It is a great selling point. Think about it, how often do you add things to your basket but abandon the cart because of the shipping fees? You don’t want to pay a £5 shipping fee when your products won’t arrive within the next five days.

SEO Optimisation

SEO optimisation is another key part of ecommerce marketing. SEO is a touchy subject for many businesses around the world. One of the reasons for this is that they believe it is outdated however that is not the case. The only reason why they think it is outdated is that SEO changes due to algorithm updates.

If you have a lot of categories then this is even better. You can optimise your website for several keywords. For example, if you specialise in streetwear, you have a lot of different products such as full tracksuits, trainers, graphic tees and many more.

You can also optimise the images for your website as well. This would include using keywords for some of your products such as cheap mens hoodies. However, when optimising your images, we advise you to use LSI for your products so Google doesn’t think you are spamming your keywords on the page.

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