The Top 8 Websites for Free Business Plan Templates

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It is imperative to have a clear-cut plan when trying to start a business. It can help define your goals and show potential investors your level of professionalism. Having a business plan provides a standard against which you can rate the progress of your brand growth and keeps you in check when making significant decisions.

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One thing that makes writing a good business plan easier is ready-made templates; you can find them on credible business plan template websites.

PandaDoc web app interface

PandaDoc is an American-based software company specializing in creating software that makes creating documents for sales processes easier. In addition to teaching you how to create a productivity plan, the website features many functions ranging from user management to document tracking, the creation of a product catalog, and audit trailing.

To use PandaDoc, navigate to their website, click on Resources > select Templates > and search for Business Plan. You can create and edit your business plan template on the web app, and when you’re done, you can share it via e-mail or copy the link to the file.

The website offers about 172 templates tailored to various startup types, along with a free 14-day trial. It also allows you to add custom variables to your document during creation and to extract templates from your document where repetition is required for consistency, such as in branding.

Score Business Plan Template

Score is a website that prioritizes mentoring and grooming businesses, from startups to full-grown brands. Like a community, they offer mentorship programs, online courses, business training workshops, and even host networking events.

As part of their library of resources for business owners in training, they grant access to business plan templates alongside templates for other business documents like financial records.

The business plan templates are available for startups and established businesses. The website is relatively easy to navigate, and after selecting the template that applies to your business, you can download it for use and reference both online and offline.

Hubspot interactive one page business template

Hubspot is an American developer brand that functions as a CRM platform that provides free access to tools for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service.

You can access their business plan templates by clicking resources > free Business and marketing resources > search > business plan templates. You can use the template in its interactive PDF or Google Docs formats.

While you may be skeptical about templates in Google Docs format, there is no need to worry as you can easily convert them to other formats and even find templates that can make your life easier. The interactive PDF provided is a one-page business template that highlights the key elements of a business plan.

In contrast, the template in the Google Docs format is a comprehensive business plan template that includes pro-tips that can help you create a great business plan.

Bplans Google Docs Business Template

Bplans is a website that focuses on helping startups and establishing businesses with business planning. They do this by sharing tons of business insights and giving users access to traditional SBA-approved business plan templates and more sophisticated premium business plans created with their Liveplan AI-powered business planning software.

This SBA-approved business plan template is designed in a fill-in-the-blanks format for enhanced simplicity so that professionals and newbies can use it. It is available for download as a Word document and in PDF and Google Doc formats.

Aside from the free SBA-approved business plan templates that Bplans provides, their premium business planning tools offer up to 500 business plan templates for almost every industry uniquely tailored. Nonetheless, their free template provides a substantial business plan template for newbies and pros alike.

Jotform Online Business Plan Template

Jotform is a free online platform to help you build various business plans. You can edit its business plan templates on its online PDF editor, and when done, you can preview it before downloading.

Its intuitive form asks you to fill out your basic business details, so it can fill them in spaces that save you a lot of time. Jotform has over 10,000 templates for building relevant business documents, including business plans.

With Jotform’s interactive and seamless platform, you can quickly build your business plan in just a few minutes. Further, if you need clarification on the details of your business plan, you can make a quick plan with helpful planning apps before creating your preliminary business plan.

Tidyform pdf business plan template

Tidyform is a website that provides guidelines and templates for people looking to create business documents. It helps business owners quickly get relevant paperwork via ready-made templates tailored to different business needs, including business plans and payment invoices like those found in the best free invoicing apps and business plans.

The business plan templates are customized for different business models and are available for download on their website. You can easily download the templates available on your PC or request them via e-mail.

Smartsheet one page business plan template

Smartsheet is an online platform with a focus on project management. It offers tools for making reports, tracking the progress of projects, scheduling meetings, and preparing relevant business paperwork, including business plans.

Along with custom templates for creating business plans like Apple Pages provides, the platform offers online learning opportunities via training workshops, webinars, and small community groups for different niches to aid growth via mentorship.

You can access the business plan templates in different formats ranging from PDFs to Excel sheets, and with Smartsheet’s intuitive platform, you can share your plans with your team members for collaboration. business template on Google Docs is an online resource center for numerous templates, including various business plan templates. It functions as a library of templates curated by professionals and experts in form-building.

Using is like using a specialized internet browser for templates. Simply type in a keyword related to the document you’re trying to create, and a plethora of template samples will appear. You can choose from a variety of templates.

Plan Your Business Professionally With Business Plan Templates

Starting a business and keeping it running is very demanding, especially financially. That is why sourcing sponsorships, partnerships, and collaborations are vital; you need a business plan to get them.

A business plan gives credibility to your business journey and assures prospective sponsors and shareholders that your business will yield returns and be a good investment. It also helps you keep track of your business growth and forms the framework for all your expansion and investment choices.

After sharing your business plan with your potential investors, you can go further and share your business plan on social media platforms. Using tested and trusted business plan templates makes the process a lot easier.

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